Learning to swim

9 Mai

It’s time for another English article. Time for me to swim a little.

When we start to learn a different – foreign, weird – language, it’s like splashing water.

It tickles in our ears, it’s fresh and cold, chilly. And yet this language invites you. Once you learned how to swim, there is a great ocean of experience awaiting you. Many people with different and yet the same thoughts swimming and diving together with you. You can also just sit on a boat and watch the other ones, that might be fun, too. But the real journey begins when you jump right in.

First, you hear nothing at all and everything at the same time. Under water, words sound blurry and distant. But there they are, one or two combinations, a familiar expression. Now you even got a whole sentence! You reach the air again and breathe deeply. Inhaling security, exhaling excitement.

When you walk home, still replying the new words you have learned, it starts to rain. Just a light, warm summer rain. Then thunder rumbles. What if you will never be able to take part in a real conversation? Help! Lightning strikes. But then you remember the feeling when you mingled with the water. How it was just brilliant. Your whole life got so much bigger. There is this complete new world you gained access to. And the best part: You can switch worlds now. Compare expressions, see the connection between the languages and you might even create a new bridge between the two. Some people might say you are just not good enough, but sometimes you are even better, because you see the meaning of the so called ‚false‘ expressions. It’s like a new child, a mix between them. Okay, sometimes that can be really silly, too. But what the heck, as long as it is worth a good laugh. Be a hybrid. Whatever.

It’s really important that you go for a swim regularly and train your muscles. Otherwise you might forget stuff and be afraid the next time you see the water. And in the end it is also really important (most of all I guess), just to let go and trust the water. It will hold you, you will not drown. And if you sink a little, just listen to all the wonderful words you don’t understand yet. Just feel their meaning.




5 Antworten to “Learning to swim”

  1. SalvaVenia Mai 9, 2014 um 9:41 pm #

    Never had a more nice description of it than this one. Many a thanks to Hamburg! 😀

  2. allemeineleidenschaften Mai 12, 2014 um 7:19 am #

    great post! 🙂

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